Tome Topple TBR

Tome Topple is a readathon created by ‘Thoughts on Tomes’ where the objective is to read books over 500 pages long, and this round will be taking place from the 9th to the 22nd of May. I’ve never participated in the past but when I saw there was a new round beginning this month I knew I just had to take part, as i’d already been hoping to knock out some of my bigger books in the coming weeks.

The book highest on my TBR for this readathon is ‘IMAGINARY FRIEND’ which is a book i’ve been desperate to read since it was first announced. I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower when I read it years ago so when I heard the author had a new book coming I knew I needed to read it but then I heard it was going to be a horror and I was even more determined as I love horror novels! The reviews i’ve seen have been very mixed so far but I still have high hopes for this one, and I can’t wait to finally see what I think of it.

I had to include a Stephen King on here and i’ve got a couple on my shelf that would fit for this readathon but the ones i’m most likely to pick up are ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’ and ‘Bag of Bones’. NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES is a short story collection so I figured it would be a good choice as I can then read a story or two whenever i’m in the mood for something shorter, and BAG OF BONES is one that I have an audiobook of so that would sort my listening for the coming weeks.

I knew I was going to want some romance to read and i’ve been meaning to pick up another Mariana Zapata book ever since I read ‘The Wall of Winnipeg and Me’ as that’s one of my favourite romances so I figured now was the perfect time. I’m going for ‘KULTI’ as this seems to be her other most popular romance and I can’t wait to get started with it.

‘MIDDLEGAME is out of my usual comfort zone but i’ve been trying to read some more fantasy recently and i’ve found myself quite enjoying it so this is one that I feel will be a great read for me. I’ve also seen some fantastic reviews on this one so i’m really looking forward to seeing what exactly it’s all about.

I’ve got a few other options that I may pick up if I have more time but these are the book that i’m definite about wanting to get to. Are you going to be participating in Tome Topple? Let me know what you’re reading!